The site you are about to enter contains booty shaking in every aspect you can imagine. If you choose to upload your own booty shaking video please read the TOS, privacy, and disclaimer statements prior to doing so. Booty shaking is defined as the act of shaking ones ass. Booty shaking was made popular by the hip hop culture and remains to be considered as a formal are of dancing. Black booty shaking women are considered the pioneers of the art of booty shaking and has since branched out amoung all the races and now you can find white girls booty shaking, asian girls booty shaking, and black women booty shaking all side by side sometimes even in the same video.

Booty shaking is known by several different terms and phrases which can have slightly different definitions. Some terms used are booty popping, booty pop, ass shaking, and booty bouncing to name a few.

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